From September 2017 the new uniform for Year 7- 10 will be compulsory as follows and must be purchased from Stevensons Uniform Suppliers (www.stevensons.co.uk):


    •    Acle Academy navy Blazer

    •    Tie- depending on House colour or Prefect status

    •    Navy V neck jumper ( optional)

    •    Choice of Acle Academy pleated or straight skirt with Acle logo

    •    Preferred option for trousers- Stevensons

Available from any stockist

    •    Pale blue shirt- long sleeves or short sleeves

    •    Navy tailored trousers ( identical to style and colour from Stevensons)

    •     Knee length tailored shorts *

    •    Tights- can be navy, black or flesh coloured- patterned tights are prohibited

    •    Ankle socks- white, navy or black

    •    Black/ navy school shoes

Accessories and additional information

    •    Students may wear one pair of small stud earrings worn in the centre of each ear lobe

    •    Students must not have any additional facial or body piercings- nose studs, tongue piercings, navel piercings or ear stretchers are not allowed. If a student chooses to have a piercing which is not allowed, they will spend time in isolation until they can remove the piercing once healed. 

    •    Make up should be appropriate for school- natural day look- no false eye lashes or heavy eye make up/ bright lipstick. 

    •    Students should not wear nail varnish or false / acrylic nails or nail tips

    •    Students may wear a watch but other jewellery is not allowed

    •    If a student chooses to wear a belt, it should be navy, brown or black

    •    Shirts should be buttoned to the top button and ties should reach belt length

    •    Students must wear sensible black shoes. Trainers, canvas, shoes, boots and open toes sandals are not allowed.

    •    No extremes of hair colour/ styles of colour- including dip dye

    •    Students are not permitted to wear coats, scarves or other outer garments inside school buildings, after the start of the school day unless in  transition between classes

    •    Students will be required to wear their blazers around school and for formal settings. Students may remove their blazers with permission in class.  


* The school reserves the right to distinguish the suitability of trousers purchased. Trousers must be tailored and adhere to the style and colour model from Stevensons . Any  variation on the prescribed style or colour will be deemed not suitable.

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