Teaching and Learning

I’m Eloise Woodhall, Head of the Student Teaching and Learning service area. My aim is to make sure that students feel happy and comfortable in their learning environment. Me and my team of prefects will work together to produce small lesson starters to hopefully gain students’ attention and engage them in their lessons.


I believe that students take education for granted and don’t understand fully what you can do with a good schooling. I want to make sure that students work hard in lessons and achieve the best that they can. I’m also open to any ideas on how students think their lessons could be improved and how I can help them to feel more confident in their learning. I want to inspire students to have the determination to get where they want to be in life and that all starts at school, in lessons. 


If you want to learn more about my ideas, have 

any queries or suggestions to how you think 

your lessons could be improved please 

contact me or my team by emailing 


My team consists of myself (Eloise Woodhall), 

Kiera Dingle, Lucy Shorthose Faye Howlett 

and our SLT link, Mrs Watts.

Acle Academy, South Walsham Road, Acle, Norwich, NR13 3ER.  

Contact details are: T 01493 750431 - F 01493 751279 - E info@acle.norfolk.sch.uk

The website contents are available in paper copies on request form the office