Staff Remote Access

Click the 4nywhere logo above for the staff remote network logon.  Instructions for use are in the staff shared area under Staff-Remote Access.  Any problems… please discuss with ALE.

Our web site provides remote access to network resources for our students and staff. Use of this facility is governed by the following statement and by accessing our network in this way you agree to the conditions it contains. Please read carefully. 

"Remote access is only provided for staff and students of Acle Academy. Use of the remote access facility is strictly at your own risk.  Network storage areas are intended for saving work directly related to your school work. Please do not fill up your limited space with unrelated files.

You MUST NOT save any files onto our network which would infinge the copyright of others (such as mp3 music files for example) or any files that are inappropriate for school use (such as pornograhic text or images). You MUST NOT upload any executable (.exe) files or attempt to install any applications.

The school reserves the right to monitor your network access and storage areas and to terminate your account without notice. To help protect the school network from virus attack, we ask that all users ensure that they have up-to-date antivirus software installed on their home computers."

By accessing these on-line resources you agree to abide by the conditions above.  

Use the "Outlook" button for access to your school email and calendar only; use the "4nywhere" button at the top of the page for access to the staff and student shared areas and your own user area on our network.

Many of the files that staff will need to use at school and within our virtual learning environment are Microsoft Office documents.  If you do not have a copy of the Microsoft product, you can download a free copy of Open Office.  This software is available for Mac, PC and Linux operating systems

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Contact details are: T 01493 750431 -  E

The website contents are available in paper copies on request form the office