“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”

William James

What some of the students say:

“A really interesting and fascinating subject.”

“I love how we get to try out some of the studies ourselves!”

“I would definitely say choose psychology – it is hard-work, but definitely worth it!”

“There is so much to learn and I really enjoy learning about why we behave in certain ways.”

“Prepare to actively put effort in to this subject – it is a very interesting topic and really worth it, but you must be prepared to commit yourself 100%.”

“Keep an open mind-set – there is so much to learn; do not be afraid of hard-work because psychology is an amazing subject and it is worth it.”

“I would definitely recommend psychology! It stands from all the other subjects as it is something different.”

“I love how it makes you look at things in a totally different way!”

As we grow older and progress through life, do you ever sit and wonder: why did this happen? Why did I behave in this way? How did I develop? Why do certain people behave the way they do? Why do people become criminals? How are we all different? 

The study of psychology involves developing an awareness of human behaviour; you will gain the opportunity to get an understanding of yourself and others, as well as gaining skills to support your progression to further study psychology, and a wide range of other subjects. The topics you will study can be seen in the assessment breakdown.

So, you may ask yourself, is it a good subject to study at GCSE? Well here some reasons why you might consider it:

Psychology affects everything around you

It will help you with personal development

You can develop your critical thinking

You can begin to understand behaviour and how it affects society

You can become more business minded 

What Can You Expect From the Study of Psychology?

Assessment: two externally examined papers 

Assessment Paper 1

These topics are in Section A of the content - 55%

Topic 1: Development – How did you develop? 

Topic 2: Memory – How does your memory work? 

Topic 3: Psychological problems – How would psychological problems affect you? 

Topic 4: The brain and neuropsychology – How does your brain affect you? 

Topic 5: Social influence – How do others affect you? 

Assessment Paper 2

Topics 6 to 10 are optional; students will study two of them. Topic 11 is compulsory – 45%

Topic 6: Criminal psychology – Why do people become criminals? 

Topic 7: The self – What makes you who you are? 

Topic 8: Perception – How do you interpret the world around you? 

Topic 9: Sleep and dreaming – Why do you need to sleep and dream? 

Topic 10: Language, thought and communication – How do you communicate with others? 

Topic 11: Research methods – How do you carry out psychological research? 

What Does A Successful Student Profile Look Like? 

Successful students will:

Have a keen interest in human behaviour and want to understand themselves and others to gain a deeper meaning of the influences that have influenced your life. 

Be able to apply theories and concepts to real life situations to gain a stronger understanding of research methods means you become more informed about the psychology around us. 

Use a range of transferable skills to enable you to face the demands of further and higher education, as well as the demands of the workplace. 

Desire to gain hands-on experience of carrying out ethical, investigative activities to aid your understanding of this subject. 

Where Can You Progress From This Qualification?

Level 3 vocational qualifications, for example the BTEC Level 3 in Health and Social Care, Applied Science and Children's Care, Learning and Development

Employment in a wide range of careers (with further training), for example product management and general management, or a science-based apprenticeship.

Psychologist based jobs, for example: Clinical psychologist, counselling psychologist, educational psychologist, forensic psychologist, further education teacher, health psychologist

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