KS4 Options - Year 9 Preferences

Choosing your KS4 Options in year 9 is the first time you will have some control over what you learn make sure you make an informed decision.

The Preference process is designed to give you as much information as possible to help you make the right decisions for your needs and interests.

Please view our presentation “Pathways to success - Acle” which explains the Options process and GCSE reform.

    •    Pathways to success - Acle


The curriculum is the formal means by which the school translates its aims and values into practice. It comprises all the planned activities and experiences which the school provides to help students learn.

Acle Academy offers a broad and balanced curriculum including english, mathematics and science and  also makes provision for the teaching of religious education.

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If smart growth is about knowledge and innovation, investment in literacy skills is a prerequisite for achieving such growth… Our world is dominated by the written word, both online and in print. This means we can only contribute and participate actively if we can read and write sufficiently well.

But, each year, hundreds of thousands of children start their secondary school two years behind in reading; some leave even further behind their peers... Literacy is about people’s ability to function in society as private individuals, active citizens, employees or parents... Literacy is about people’s self-esteem, their interaction with others, their health and employability. Ultimately, literacy is about whether a society is fit for the future.

   More information on literacy in schools can be found on the Literacy Trust website

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