Ethics & life skills

Ethics and Life Skills lessons at Acle Academy comprise of Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHEe), Citizenship education and Religious Education (RE). 

Today’s children and young people are growing up in a rapidly changing world, full of huge opportunities, but with few guarantees and many risks and anxieties too. PSHE education is the curriculum subject which prepares pupils for life and work in this changing world. It helps children and young people to stay safe, to enjoy physical and emotional health, to develop character and resilience, to achieve academically and to improve their employment prospects. 

Citizenship education is about enabling young people to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own lives and communities. It is about enabling them to develop the skills to become an active citizen capable of making positive choices and contributions locally, nationally and globally.

In RE we seek to gain a greater insight into our world. Students will examine the moral issues and ethical dilemmas which are the foundations of understanding the world, its people, their beliefs and how this affects us all.

Ethics and Life Skills lessons cover core knowledge relating to issues such as personal safety and managing risk, relationships, healthy lifestyles, finance and careers, rights and responsibilities, prejudice and discrimination and fundamental British values. Lessons are taught in a way which is appropriate to the age and maturity of the students and are underpinned by the development of key life skills and attributes-often termed ‘character’ –which students need to thrive in both their youth and in adult life. These key skills and characteristics, such as self-management, empathy, critical thinking, communication, resilience, teamwork and negotiation are crucial for success in pupils’ personal and working lives.

KS3 students at Acle Academy receive two Ethics and Life Skills lessons a fortnight and one lesson a fortnight at KS4. Ethics and Life Skills is not a GCSE subject and there is no formal exam, however progress is assessed regularly against a set of mastery statements linked to the GCSE 1-9 grades.

The delivery of the Ethics and Life Skills curriculum at Acle Academy is supported by a range of professionals, such as Norfolk Constabulary, the NCC Road Safety Officer, the Safer Neighbourhood Team, local bank and building societies, the Integrated Contraception and Sexual Health team (iCaSH) as well as the school’s Careers Education Information and Guidance Co-ordinator.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 Outline:

Understanding and Managing Friendship

Being Healthy and Staying Safe

What is Belief? (Including preparation for Christmas service.) 

Rights and Responsibilities: Introduction to UK Parliament


Challenging Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination

Year 8 Outline:

Drugs Education (Tobacco/Alcohol and Cannabis)


Careers Horizons

Communities and Change


Year 9 Outline:

Goals and Aspirations

Human Rights

Body Image and the Influence of the Media


Sex and Relationships Education

Key Stage 4

Year 10:

Challenging Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination

Understanding Teenage Self-esteem

The World of Work (Personal Finance and Preparation for Work Experience)

Ethics and Values

Introduction to post-16 preparation

Year 11:

Personal Statements, CVs and College Applications

Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being; including managing exam stress

Young Driver Education

Revision techniques and exam preparation/supported Study and GCSE revision

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