Hi, I’m Ben Garrod – head of the ‘Enrichment’ service area. The enrichment service strives to deliver a great selection of clubs and extra-curricular activities which students will want and enjoy. I’m highly motivated to do my best for everyone.


My plans for my service area this year are as follows:


  • Increase the selection of clubs and activities by asking students what they want. The most popular ideas will be followed through and implemented.
  • I’ll continue the running of the rewards shop and make changes where necessary, as per students’ suggestions.
  • I’m going to reinstate a radio station for Acle Academy. Students will have the opportunity to participate in many ways – there will be opportunities for 
  • script writing, speaking on the radio, mixing, 
  • logo designing, live performing and much more!


The enrichment team consists of myself (Ben 

Garrod), Jake Watts, Harry Petherick, Mia 

Patience and our SLT link, Mr Bliss. If you have 

any ideas or want to get involved in the 

enrichment area – feel free to contact any of us.

Acle Academy, South Walsham Road, Acle, Norwich, NR13 3ER.  

Contact details are: T 01493 750431 - F 01493 751279 - E info@acle.norfolk.sch.uk

The website contents are available in paper copies on request form the office