Teaching & Learning

At Acle Academy we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, which offers our students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge across a range of subjects. 

This is achieved through quality first teaching and having high expectations of our students.

When designing our Key Stage 3 curriculum we have looked at the skills and knowledge needed in Key Stage 4 and made sure they embedded through the curriculum in lower years. This will ensure that students are fully prepared for the rigour of the GCSE course.

Acle Academy Target Settings 2016-17

Key Stage 3 Curriculum - studied in Year 7,8 and 9

Core Subjects

    •    English

    •    Mathematics

    •    Science

Foundation Subjects

    •    Art & Design

    •    Computing

    •    Design & Technology

    •    Drama

    •    Ethics & Life Skills (including PSHE & Religious Education)

    •    French

    •    Geography

    •    German

    •    History

    •    Music

    •    Physical Education

Key Stage 4 Curriculum - studied in Year 10 and 11

Core Subjects

    •    English Language

    •    English Literature

    •    Mathematics

    •    Science: Core & Additional or Combined

    •    Ethics & Life Skills (including Religious Education & Sex and Relationship Education)

    •    Physical Education

Option Subjects

  •     Art & Design

    •    Business Studies

    •    Hospitality and Catering

  •     Design and Technology (Timber focus)
  •     Design and Technology (Textile focus)

    •    Drama

    •    French

    •    Further Additional Science

    •    Geography

    •    German

    •    History

    •    Music

    •    Physical Education (GCSE)

We are proud of the pastoral support offered to our students through the excellent work of our Engage Team and our SEND support team. The school offers a range of academic and pastoral interventions to support those students who have additional needs.

Sex and Relationship Education is taught at Acle Academy as part of the Ethics & Life Skills curriculum. We also offer Careers Education through our KS4 Ethics & Life Skills curriculum that ensures students are fully prepared for the next steps in their education.

Please see below for a list of the curriculum we offer at Acle Academy:

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - Art.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - Business Studies.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - Hospitality & Catering.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - Drama.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - English Language and English Literature.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - Ethics and Life Skills.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - French.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - Geography.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - German.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - History.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - Maths.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - Music.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - PE.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - D&T Timber Focused.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - Science.pdf

    •    Acle Academy Curriculum Offer - D&T Textile Focused.pdf

GCSE Examination Subjects

Acle Academy, South Walsham Road, Acle, Norwich, NR13 3ER.  

Contact details are: T 01493 750431 -  E info@acle.norfolk.sch.uk

The website contents are available in paper copies on request form the office