The reputation of the school holds a high priority in our plans for the development of the school. The team of prefects assigned to the sector of “community” aim not only to improve opinions of outsiders regarding our school, but especially to improve the way in which the students of Acle Academy perceive the school and the working environment. It is evident to me, that the school has had some hard times recently and the reputation of the school held by the students has been previously negative. Many students had no pride in the school and one of the main roles of this prefect team is going to be to reverse this. Together, with a more positive opinion of the school, we can advance the school into a more welcoming and enjoyable community

At Acle Academy, we hold the firm belief that it is the responsibility of each person to do their bit as part of a wider, world environment. The team of prefects at Acle whose responsibilities encompass caring for the environment all have strong pro-environmental views and are looking to influence the opinions of others on a day to day basis to be more protective towards our planet. The team aim to reform the school’s recycling system in a way that will result in far less waste, change much of the resources that the school uses to be more environmentally friendly and most importantly aim to change the views of the wider community and to ensure people take responsibility for their world. We know that the greatest changes start in little places and that if we all do our bit we can make a huge, positive difference to the world.



If you have any ideas, queries or want to get 

involved with our work , please speak to myself 

(Jack Ashman) or Emily Kay, Jessica Little, Fran 

Murrell or our SLT link, Mr Newstead. 


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Jack Ashman

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